mie oon tosi tosi pahoillani :(

seriously! I'm really sorry about not writting for such a long time. now its official: school started and i have to work my ass off to get good grades. I'm pretty happy with my schedule and the teachers but my classmates aren't that great. as u guys know i'm studying with the kids from the younger year...i know some of them but of course i'm in those classes where i know no one...that sucks a little but i can't change that though. teachers became really strict and my school turned out really fashion orientated. the girl just started school there and they already look like young models..damn..and all the couples in school.  you can barely walk trough the corridors while breaks. everywhere u can see kissing people and handholding and lucky around walking persons..yay but never mind! back to me :P its been almost 3 months now that I'm back and that is an amazing time in my opinion! its been pretty okay here at home :S

last weekend i had this exchange stundent camp that was sooooooooo awesome. i had been lookign forward to this weekend since i knew it! i had teh chance to see the people who had been in exchange the very same year as me but more important...teh ne exchangees from all over the year :D wow, they are amazing...i again fell in love with the americans but my also my suomalainen tyttö was there too and she is really gorgeous :D we had so much fun. i met a lot of great people...and so saying goodbye was pretty hard but we already organised a new meeting! *bounce bounce*

there'll be a project week in my school soon. i'm not sure yet what i'll do...either i work in a company or i stay at school and do some thing...and after that we'll have 2 weeks of vacation...

so, what is goin on in lpr? winter already started? LOL

I'm looking forward to read some e-mails from u guys :P

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22.9.07 23:10

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kev / Website (23.9.07 12:21)
fashion orientated school? well, in my school everybody used to mock people who just cared too much about their appearance... this might be some kind of general development. getting superficial and so... in german i'd say: "aussen hui, innen pfui"... let them think they're cool.. u know it better ;-)

i'm happy that u've had a great time last days :D keep these moments in your heart, they're the most valuable things you can get!

some kisses for you and keep your chin up!

kev / Website (23.9.07 12:22)
and pleease.. get rid of this pink/white comment-form... it's damn hard to read the comment-input-box...

lisa (23.9.07 21:26)
well, i tried my best and i hope this new stuff works for u! my weekend had been weird though. the "plan" totally changed and I'm still sad but i can something what maes me happy! they are JUST friends...what do u say now! talk to u on msn! hdgggdl, *kussi*

Otto (24.10.07 18:54)
Vielen Dank wieder für dein Hilfe mit dem Aufsatz!

About Gilmore Girls third season: I absolutely hated it when Rory got together with Jess. Great series though!

kev / Website (26.10.07 16:32)
hey girl don't be sad.

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