damn, eventhough i just came back from my vacation i'm again ready to go again. so much stress...well, ahev to handle it anyway. kuitenki, holiday was pretty great. i spent two weeks in teh north of germany at the beach. we were really lucky to have good weather. my skin got burned a little in teh beginning but now its nice and brown. i was able to do a lot of exercise which brought me closer to my ideal weight! still fighting though..i wont give up! i could catch up with reading and other stuff...walking in the water or just starin wholes in the air...time to think was there too...not that great alwasy...but i still wanna tell soemthing about teh summeruniversity i went to before i had my vacation. it was an interesting week full of new stuff. in general it was some kind of  inforamtionexchange. we went  to have lectures and got to learn about teh university in general. it was fun cause i was there with a friend of mine and we had some nice time together...LOL...this week i have to learn more for the drivingschool and i have to work too. but thats not goin to be a problem. next thursday school is goin to start again :S well well well...i dunno what i should feel...i'm kinda happy to go there again but on the other side i would rather prefer to go to lyseo..a lot of people i dont wanna see are goin to be there every fuckin day...vittu...sori...okay..what else to talk about...oh yes, i spent a night at my sisters. that was really nice. we had dinner and then went out to sit at a fireplace and we grilled marshmallows..damn, that tasts reall, i think that was all right now..i made some new pictures...if u guys wanna see them...check them out form nick is ^^LieseL^^ or let me know and i send them to u in an e-mail...nähää...liesel <3
20.8.07 17:06

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kev / Website (7.9.07 17:01)
girl, you don't seem to be too busy at your blog... feel like havin' a chat some day? ;-) kiss, kev

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