moi ja mitä kuuluu? seems like a lot of things happened again..first of all i'm really exited that mitjo and jenna will be here soon...muuten, u guys should tell me when you are comin and by bus or train...probably train! so, give me a call or e-mail me! pleaseeeeeeeeeee! 004915155609554...well, i suppose everyone can remember this one! new cell phone number! and i still wanna know who called me? people, are u even reading that stuff i'm writting. doesnt seem like this. i dont wanna be rude but i kinda believe that well other things r more important!?? i dont wanna be in the middle of way but i wish u guys would keep in touch more it just feels so weird right now and i wish u could talk to someone..i dunno...i dont wanna sound like an idiot but to be honest i think i miss everyone more then u guys do! tell me if i'm wrong.. i dunno what to think anyway. the people seem to be i dunno idioottimainen here...i'm not joking. ei ollenkaan...i know a lot of things changed but wny do people have to ignore me now...well, i really dont wanna run on your nervs with my problems but if u guys are now also not talking to me i'm goin to be fuckin alone

but yesterday was really nice. i talked with otto on msn and with lyla =) and dani (brasiliasta) called me..that was so fuckin awesome. eventhough i started crying...*sad look* but i hope teh weirdness is goin to cool done more and more ...hopefully...

well, i would be rally happy if someone talks to me =)

the rest is goin quite la la :P


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25.7.07 20:30

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kev / Website (26.7.07 10:05)
hey girl :D
i can imagine how u'r feeling shitty times are coming and shitty are going don't think that people can forget someone like u!
hdl, kev

kev / Website (27.7.07 13:19)
well... just to comfort you a bit... i feel the same.. i run a blog and noone reads it... it's just the thing with these blogs... there are too many... and not enough people who feel like reading them... dunno what to do,either... just don't give up...

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