voi ei...i'm so sorry. too much time went on without me writting something..sori! but now i really dunno know where to start. well, i try...i started working like 2 weeks ago. today was suppose to be my last day but they want me to come next week too. well well well. to be honest. the job sucks, is bad payed and booooooooooring. but its a job and i have somethign to thing! someone called me but i wasnt home and said that he/she will call, who called me? please, tell me! i really wanna know. okay, the rest of the freetime was pretty fun. well, didnt have that much all in all but never mind. wednesday was the last schoolday. so i took off from work and visited my school. it was really great and i enjoyed being with the people. after that i went with a couple of friends to erfurt (capital if thuringia...pretty nice and big city). there was a festival. so calles "mega rock in die ferien". it was my first time there...but its every year on that day...well, it was pretty alrite. not too cool but also not too bad. there was one band from i think the states (but i cant really believe that...)...and the younger girls were totally happy. more than this. they screamed and cryed and oh my god..aweful but fun in some way...LOL...also, on one weekend i worked in some kind of restaurant. i'm goin to work there more often and its soooooooo much fun. i really love it i do kitchen work and work in the service. kiva kiva :P of course i'm still fighting with my waight and i'm really often into sport and stuff. now something really sad :'( i unfortunatelly i had to take off my piercing *starts to cry* voi vittu..oikeesti it turned out to be really painful and well kinda not great. i have to take medicine and shit. damn, i was pissed. really. i payed a lot of money and it hurt like hell...not only for me...(sori, otto...still appreciate your help...and sorry again for the pain..kiitti ) and now izts gone ... i thought i could still use the lower one but now chance...unfair is the world now i have nothing one my body what reminds me of finland. beside my waight...what else? well, i still have the memories in my heart,...i'm really fuckin sad now, please everyone try and make me happy need u gotta go..have work to do but i will come back...

20.7.07 09:49

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kev / Website (21.7.07 14:02)
hey girl:=

kev / Website (21.7.07 14:05)
sorry, the most important part is missing just couldn't see anything because everything in this form seems to be white...
just wanna tell you that i'm back from holidays.. i've tried to send you a message but dunno if you got my sms... didn't work :S bullshit...
design is nice but so much doesn't work... so, wish ya a nice evening hear of u soon

lisa (22.7.07 20:08) seems i didnt get thats tuff..damn..i try to change the layout but i cant find a nice one...what cant u see?
how was it? tell me! meet me online :P

kev / Website (25.7.07 17:12)
ur cool yesterday i've tried to fix your old source code of the gilmoren design, today you bring up a new one :D well, never mind, i've fixed this one as well :D didn't have time to set the colors in the best way, but now they're at least visible :D

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