okay, where to start??? ööööö....well, i can start and talk about the time i have been at my dads. was pretty nice i ahve to say and just wonderful to see him again. i went there wednesday night. thursday we went shopping later the night i went to a friends. was his b-day =) and now i'll go to bed..tomorrow is goin to be awful stressfully yay...i really needed new clothes and stuff =) love my belt :P and teh rest of the time we just enjoyed together...friday my mum picked my up...we went to teh docters and then food shopping. at home some housework and then i consentrated on cleaning and still decorating my room. in between when i cleaned the shelves and put on all my muumi amd marimekko stuff i kinda became sad. and then when i started watching at teh pictures with me and juuli and anne and dani and teh other exchangestudents and i jst couldnt help it and i started crying....voi

love you guys <3333333333333

6.7.07 23:43

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Jenna Suonio (12.7.07 16:50)
Kivaa, kun olit isän luona

Odotan innoissani, että näen siun huoneen Saksassa.

Unohdin äsken sanoa kommentissa, että miulla on myös päiväkirja. Se on suomeksi, mutta on kiva, jos luet sitä silti. Se on tässä :

Lisa (12.7.07 21:21)
kiitos =) meen katomaan kohta...vähän kiire kuitenki ein mitään miten se menee? on tosi kiva et sie ja mitjo tulee saksaan pian ...upea =)
pidä hauska
hab dich lieb =)

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