well well well [UPDATED]

well well well...where can i start with my report. i better start with the saddest thing ever: saying goodbye to lovely suomi! it was Friday morning. damn, was i tired. my plan was not to sleep at all and enjoy every second but I didn’t made it...how sad...in the morning the final packing. but again back to the night before...it was really lovely. the whole Thursday was pretty crazy but cool. i went to all the families to say moikka and at my 2nd host fam's house we stayed little longer and pannukakku..kiva kiva..and the back home to great karhuvuori my parents left to the hotel so as I had time with my hostfam...it felt like x-mas. I got so much wonderful stuff...damn, i love my family! (now, its time again to get myself a tissue… lisa, stop crying and be a big girl... well, indeed big I'm but...ok, topic change!)…well, anyway. the night was really great and funny. but it couldn’t make me forget that this would be the last time...but I could enjoyed it though...I can't describe how much it ment to me but it ment everthing...the next morning was really weird. I went to otto to get ride of the beer :P and to say goodbye. At home I still had a little bit of time and so I took a nap on the really comfy (*lol*..remeber that english class, juuli puuli and min kär?) sofa...and the the final doorbell rang (mary, that sounds weird...)...well, and then it was the time to say moikka...that moment really sucked cause my parents were exactly staying next to me. it would have been better for me if they hadn’t been waiting in the car but I thought it would be rude to tell them to go...so, they were right next to me...tears were of course a must and I also felt touched when I saw my hostdad having some tears in his eyes, too... that ment so much...last hugs and exchanges and then we were off...in the car was barely place to sit cause of all my stuff...but I didn’t care in this moment...the drive to Helsinki was all right. after a while I stopped crying and felt asleep. still I had some periods when I just couldn't prevent the tears from falling down...never mind. in helsinki we had a nice day and it was great to see the white church again and all the lovely things. did u guess know that there is a new marimekko? :D well, I dunno if its new but its quite near the "old" one and it’s even bigger...around 6 o’clock we had to be at the boat for check-in. well, but they told to wait until 8… great but finally they let us in! its was odd for me but for some reason I was really looking forward to be on that boat and it was exciting and scary...the parking was so cool. Damn! after we found our place I went out and watched the boat go off from the harbour. luckily, I had moral support it was so good to talk to juuli and anne...I was still on the phone when the boat left and for a second I considered jumping from the boat but the I didn’t do it...well... I was sooooo fuckin tired...didnt get that much sleep lately...when we arrived in rostock, the weather was just wonderful...it was amazing and i felt odd being in good old germany again...the drive home was alrite...couldnt sleep there but i had my book...hei, one thing more...almost forgot it. we did a quiz on the boat and there was one question about muumi! name 4 characters...i had a total blackout...so, help me! muumimamma, muumipappa, the that suffkin or so and what the name of the granny… well, its not really a gran..some kind of human with hair...this brown rabbit and what about the yellow girl...apua!

UPDATE 4.7.07

at home i first walked through the house and checked everything out. my room was sooo pretty...my sister put up some banners with TERVETULOA...that was cool...tha first thing i did was open my suitcase and put my huge and awesome suomilippu on the wall. that felt good and i'll never remove it...i couldn’t really sleep that night...the next day i unpacked and my sister + her boyfriend came and we talked...had a nice bbq in then evening and the i met a friend really spontaneously...she just called me up and suggested to meet me there in 5 min and then hung up...yay...so i went to that place and we hugged each other for ages and tears were with us… totta kai! we went to my place and sat in the garden... then she had to go... but that was soooooo great! the rest of the night unpacking and some tv...I was online for a while too but not long

and now today. i woke up with a awful cold...my throat was killing me...went to the computer and here i am...i talked to a couple of people and now i have to go and now guess...yes, still unpacking...i hope u enjoyed reading it.. it’s weird...i have been writing diary for the whole year and sometimes it really sucked and now I’ve felt so weird not writing for 2 days.. voi voi voi...

2.7.07 21:26

mie kävin koulussa :(

i think the headline says everything. i was kinda excited to go and see everyone again but in reality it wasn't that great. a couple of people were really happy and i saw some of my favourite teachers. i also could catch up with the headmaster and we had a nice talk. really helped. meeting some of teh other youngsters wasnt that funny. but i wont go on with that. to boring...today was pretty alrite though. i tryed to sleep as long was possible but it didnt work. my flunssa is still sucks. the restb of teh day i spent in front of teh tv, computer and unpacking. soon i have to go and my dad is goin to pick me up. i'll spent the rest of teh week with him and my brother and stepmum i also went to teh driving school today and i'm goin to have my first class in saturday...cool, vai? i let u know when its safe to walk on teh streets..lol..

one more thing. usually if u havfe something to say anout a text i wrote u just klick on KOMMENTIEREN under teh text. file in your name, write a comment and the klick on LOS. i will reply back. so keep on checking. i' really look forward to your comments. totta kai suomeksi myös. mie ajatellin, et voin kirjoittaa suomeksi mut...no, en tie miks se on englanniks...ehkä krjoitan englanniksi ja suomeksi..ihan sama kiidos, otto für den kommentar...=)

ai nii, melkein en muista jotain. mie kysyin miun rehtorilta kuka tulee ens vuona miun kouluun...norjalainen poika venäläinen tyttö ja suomalainen tyttö :D yay...tosi kiva. mie ajatellin ettei suomalainen tulee ko mariia oulusta on täällä tämä vuonä mut elina vaasasta/ vaasalta(?) (sen tytön nimi) tulee! tosi kiva...voin puhua suomea...ihana...:D

4.7.07 16:23


okay, where to start??? ööööö....well, i can start and talk about the time i have been at my dads. was pretty nice i ahve to say and just wonderful to see him again. i went there wednesday night. thursday we went shopping later the night i went to a friends. was his b-day =) and now i'll go to bed..tomorrow is goin to be awful stressfully yay...i really needed new clothes and stuff =) love my belt :P and teh rest of the time we just enjoyed together...friday my mum picked my up...we went to teh docters and then food shopping. at home some housework and then i consentrated on cleaning and still decorating my room. in between when i cleaned the shelves and put on all my muumi amd marimekko stuff i kinda became sad. and then when i started watching at teh pictures with me and juuli and anne and dani and teh other exchangestudents and i jst couldnt help it and i started crying....voi

love you guys <3333333333333

6.7.07 23:43


voi ei...i'm so sorry. too much time went on without me writting something..sori! but now i really dunno know where to start. well, i try...i started working like 2 weeks ago. today was suppose to be my last day but they want me to come next week too. well well well. to be honest. the job sucks, is bad payed and booooooooooring. but its a job and i have somethign to do..next thing! someone called me but i wasnt home and said that he/she will call back...so, who called me? please, tell me! i really wanna know. okay, the rest of the freetime was pretty fun. well, didnt have that much all in all but never mind. wednesday was the last schoolday. so i took off from work and visited my school. it was really great and i enjoyed being with the people. after that i went with a couple of friends to erfurt (capital if thuringia...pretty nice and big city). there was a festival. so calles "mega rock in die ferien". it was my first time there...but its every year on that day...well, it was pretty alrite. not too cool but also not too bad. there was one band from i think the states (but i cant really believe that...)...and the younger girls were totally happy. more than this. they screamed and cryed and oh my god..aweful but fun in some way...LOL...also, on one weekend i worked in some kind of restaurant. i'm goin to work there more often and its soooooooo much fun. i really love it i do kitchen work and work in the service. kiva kiva :P of course i'm still fighting with my waight and i'm really often into sport and stuff. now something really sad :'( i unfortunatelly i had to take off my piercing *starts to cry* voi vittu..oikeesti it turned out to be really painful and well kinda not great. i have to take medicine and shit. damn, i was pissed. really. i payed a lot of money and it hurt like hell...not only for me...(sori, otto...still appreciate your help...and sorry again for the pain..kiitti ) and now izts gone ... i thought i could still use the lower one but now chance...unfair is the world now i have nothing one my body what reminds me of finland. beside my waight...what else? well, i still have the memories in my heart,...i'm really fuckin sad now, please everyone try and make me happy need u guys...so gotta go..have work to do but i will come back...

20.7.07 09:49


moi ja mitä kuuluu? seems like a lot of things happened again..first of all i'm really exited that mitjo and jenna will be here soon...muuten, u guys should tell me when you are comin and by bus or train...probably train! so, give me a call or e-mail me! pleaseeeeeeeeeee! 004915155609554...well, i suppose everyone can remember this one! new cell phone number! and i still wanna know who called me? people, are u even reading that stuff i'm writting. doesnt seem like this. i dont wanna be rude but i kinda believe that well other things r more important!?? i dont wanna be in the middle of everthing..no way but i wish u guys would keep in touch more it just feels so weird right now and i wish u could talk to someone..i dunno...i dont wanna sound like an idiot but to be honest i think i miss everyone more then u guys do! tell me if i'm wrong.. i dunno what to think anyway. the people seem to be i dunno idioottimainen here...i'm not joking. ei ollenkaan...i know a lot of things changed but wny do people have to ignore me now...well, i really dont wanna run on your nervs with my problems but if u guys are now also not talking to me i'm goin to be fuckin alone

but yesterday was really nice. i talked with otto on msn and with lyla =) and dani (brasiliasta) called me..that was so fuckin awesome. eventhough i started crying...*sad look* but i hope teh weirdness is goin to cool done more and more ...hopefully...

well, i would be rally happy if someone talks to me =)

the rest is goin quite good...so la la :P


<3333333333333333333 kaikkille  

25.7.07 20:30

suomalaiset saksassa <333

yay, se on totta. mitjo ja jenna ovat saksassa...tosi ihana...mie menin hakemaan heitä (eli them...sori) rautarieasemalta lauantaina... sitte sununtaina eli tänään menimme erfurtiin. sää oli tosi huono siks menimme kotiin iha pian. kotona pelatimme (eli played...sori uudestaan :P) monolply ja sitte söimme saksalaista makaraa ja perunasaattia =) hi hi...mut huomenna molemat menevat müncheniin (?)...mut oli tosi kiva et he olivat ja vielä onat täällä =) juu, perjantaina menin shoppamaan äitin ka..ja huomenna meen kaverin ka kesäyliopistoon...sitte lomalle isän ka..entäs suomessa? minkalainen sää on suomessa?varmasti aurinko paistaa ja kakki on tosi ihana...mut ei haittaa =) nyt meen nukkumaan...öitä <33333
29.7.07 21:24

uus layout?

entäs miun uus layout? onks se söpö?
29.7.07 21:25